Showdown at Sundown

Holy cow! Get READY for the best gunfighter reenactment groups, who AIM to please, as they FIRE away in fun and historically authentic gunfighting skits, right here in RAMONA at Ramona Old West Days, May 5 – 6, 2017.

Reenactment Guild of America and The Guns of the Round Table have invited the best of the best gunfighter reenactment groups, from all over the nation, to Ramona for this exciting competition, the Showdown at Sundown!

Reenactment Guild of AmericaMany gunfighters will square off in authentic skits and three groups will share the whole kit and caboodle. The competition prizes are awarded by the Reenactment Guild of America, which is dedicated to the preservation of and education regarding the history of America’s 19th Century.

Our Southern California based Guns of the Round Table, is an award winning local gunfighting reenactment group based in Julian.  They just love to get dressed up, shoot, fall down and play dead! You will love to watch them. This team also puts on great demonstrations in their living history open encampment in the Rendezvous Encampments!

Safety first, all teams are licensed to perform and the sheriff is mighty tough!

Is your gunfighting reenactment group interested in competing in this world-class event?  Contact us for more information.