Rendezvous Encampments

Living history reenactment groups present authentic 1800’s period open encampments demonstrating life during America’s Western Expansion at Ramona Old West Days, May 5-6, 2018 in Ramona, California.

Each group may present demonstrations of pioneer skills or dramatic scenes of pioneer life.  Past camp demonstrations have included laundry, ax-throwing, campfire cooking, whip skills, roping, butter churning, apple peeling as well as period toys and games, such as tug-o-war.

Rendezvous EncampmentsGuests can enjoy authentic Mexican food while exploring our “Period Peddler” shops, where merchants offer only goods that would be available in the period of the 1800’s Western Expansion. Don’t miss the Showdown at Sundown, when the gunfighter reenactors compete for prizes in authentic gunfighting skits!


EARLY 1800’s
Goverment funds western exploration. Lewis and Clark reached the Pacific Ocean. Early western migration families begin to move west.

1825 to 1840
Rendezvous period of mountain men. Economy is based on beaver and animal hides and trade, or barter.

1840 to 1860
Continued western migration. Buffalo hunting and early treaties with Native Americans are beginning to fuel mistrust between Natives and Pioneers.

1860 to 1865
Civil War (War of Northern Aggression) stalled much of the expansion of the west.

1865 to early 1880’s
Cattle based economy brings the rise of the American Cowboy culture. Indian Wars period brings military expansion. Buffalo Soldiers, formerly members of the 10th Calvary, “negro soldiers,” come west to fight the Indian Wars. Period is noted for explosion of western migration and hostilities with Native Americans. Towns become cultural centers with bordellos, saloons, churches and schools. This period also brings a greater prevalence of females throughout the West.

Statehood arrives in many areas, supporting a “civilized” atmosphere in many settler camps.

Do you want to participate in the Rendezvous Encampments or are you an 1800’s period vendor with merchandise specific to the period?  You won’t want to miss Ramona Old West Days!  Contact us for more information on how to participate!

Photos (c) 2016 by Paul Wood